Commercial Building Automation

Zap Integration Inc in Southern California excels at helping businesses throughout the Inland Empire and High Desert areas with superior automation solutions. From repairs, installation, support, sales, and design, our team of specialists have the qualifications to ensure all services performed are executed with meticulous calculation and efficiency. With an emphasis on professional care, our services often exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Zap Integration Inc automation solutions offer more convenience in the workplace while improving communication and networking capabilities.

Types of Commercial Building Management Systems

Zap Integration Inc commercial building automation services in Southern California are designed to offer more control and management for your commercial property with a centralized control system of a buildings temperature, lighting and other system controls. Our goal is to provide your company improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduced energy consumption and operating costs and well as longer equipment life. Our technicians focus on the commercial building’s Low Voltage LED Lighting; Access Control; HVAC Control; Motorized Shades; Audio Video Control; and Alarm Control offering more abilities to unlock necessary doors, turn lights on, disarm the alarm, as well as set televisions and audio systems to appropriate levels to increase the opening and closing down of the building as per business hours.

Building Automation Control Devices & Applications

Zap Integration Inc is dedicated to maximizing convenience and comfort of your Inland Empire and High Desert area business with the most advanced technology available on the market. To increase the control and management of your business’s technology system, we can help design user friendly interfaces. With Zap Integration Inc implementing cutting edge technology with simple and easy to use systems, you can have enhanced efficiency for managing and controlling the behind the scenes of your Southern California business. Call Zap Integration today to get started on your commercial building automation services.

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