Home Audio and Automation

Throughout the Inland Empire and High Desert areas of California, Zap Integration, Inc continues to provide the latest advancement in cutting edge home automation solutions.  Our skilled, trained and experienced team of specialists offers high quality support systems, installation, repairs, sales and design services to maximize your Southern California’s home with the technology you need to keep up with modern demands.  Zap Integration Inc not only executes premium execution on every service, but we emphasize friendly customer service and professional ethics to frequently exceed your expectations.  With our familiarity of the top brands, you can rest assured you are putting your confidence in the right hands.

Home Automation Features

When your home in the Inland Empire and High Desert areas requires expert home automation of lighting, HVAC system thermostats, door locks, garage door controls, motorized shades, water valves, leak detection, and energy monitoring systems as well as Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant equipped, the brightest technicians at Zap Integration Inc are ready to oblige.

Advantages of Home Automation

Some of the benefits of home automation include cost and energy savings from upgrading to smart thermostats and light bulbs, home security safety from automated lighting and motion detectors etc, ability to control functions within the premises as well as convenience in performing rote tasks automatically.  

Home Automation Hub

The ultimate technology lifestyle maximizes comfort and convenience in your Southern California home.   Having a reliable user friendly interface helps you better manage and control the technology system in your Southern California home. At Zap Integration Inc, we can provide you with a simple and easy to use home automation system that offers simplicity to better manage your lighting, security, surveillance, entertainment, shading, and climate control needs. We can implement touch panels, remotes, and mobile Apps to ensure ease of use to make your home’s dynamics as simple as possible.  Contact Zap Integration Inc today for your home automation consultation. 

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