Home Structured Wiring Panels

Attaining the latest advancement in cutting edge home automation solutions for your home in the Inland Empire and High Desert areas of California is best done with the elite team of Zap Integration Inc.   Our specialists are more than qualified, possessing the necessary training, experience and skills to deliver superior workmanship. With our high-quality support system, sales, installation, repairs and design services, our team maximizes the solutions for the increasing technology demands of your Southern California home.  Zap Integration Inc continues to exceed our valued expectations as our priority is superior services with an emphasis on friendly customer service and professional ethics.

Smart Home Media & Other Structured Wiring

Zap Integration Inc includes home structured wiring services, such as pre-wiring new construction homes, audio, video, networks, security, and phone applications for residential customers throughout the Inland Empire and High Desert areas of California. When you need your Southern California home specifically wired for current modern conveniences, Zap Integration Inc is readily available to make sure the project is completely configurable to meet future needs without signal degradation.

Benefits of Structured Wiring & Cable Management

Structured wiring organizes your home by wiring all areas of your home for easy connectivity via wall panels. Rather than having wires tacked along walls or baseboard, with structured wiring, wires are within the walls which reduces clutter and keeps the transfer of data consolidated.

Structured Wiring Distribution Services

Our structured wiring distributes data signals throughout your home supporting signal types for cable television and telephone, as well as computer networks.  With the help of Zap Integration Inc, you can watch a Blu-ray/DVD playing from one room on any other TV in the house, listen to music in any room, install video cameras, baby monitors and other surveillance and watch it from a TV, hook up multiple computers more efficiently to the internet, share community printers and computer files, as well as have multiple fax and landlines.  Call Zap Integration Inc today to get started on your home’s structured wiring or other related services.  

How Can We Help ?

How Can We Help ?