Access Control

Access Control is an essential aspect of securing your assets, employees, and perimeter. Access Control is a security approach that identifies users by authenticating credentials to allow entrance into buildings, dealerships, doors, gates, cabinets, offices, etc. Access control has the ability to replace keys by having the credentials placed on an access badge, fob or your smartphone. This ensures that only those with approved access are able to enter, creating a safe and secure environment.

At ZAP Integration Inc., we understand the importance of access control and have installed it in various settings. For instance, we have installed access control for construction yards, ensuring that only authorized users have entry to the equipment. This has been highly effective in preventing theft and unauthorized use of the equipment. Furthermore, we have also installed access control in corporate buildings, which has been significant in restricting access to places or other resources not intended for the general public.

To achieve this installation application, we utilized a cloud-based access control in conjunction with an intuitive user management system. This has proven to be a swift and seamless process, providing a user-friendly experience. Whether it is one door or a multidoor location, ZAP Integration Inc. has the solutions you need for secure access control.

Access Control Features:

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