Commercial properties have Zap Integration Inc. as a valuable resource for their automation solutions.  Providing premium services such as installation, repairs, design, sales, and system support to our commercial clients. We are assisting businesses with tailored services increase their success, improve communication, and enhance convenience in the workplace. As we are dedicated to a higher standard in customer care, professional ethics, and service quality, you will have the confidence needed in Zap Integration Inc for quality services. Basic &

Advanced Networking

Fundamentals Zap Integration Inc. is supplying commercial spaces in Arizona, California, and Nevada with top of the line networking systems, including Wi-Fi such as guest portals, enterprise, whole campus, and hotspots; Wired Networks fiber optic, Cat5e, Cat6, and so on; Point-to-Point Wireless Networks for offsite offices to connect to the main facility; as well as Video Distribution; and VOIP.  Network Connection Solutions for Your Business Where company networking can prove to be challenging, the experts of Zap Integration Inc. have access to sophisticated equipment with strong signals and efficient connections that enhances performance and maximizes reliability and stability within your company. No matter how high the demand, Zap Integration Inc. has the automation solutions for your networking needs. The network will keep you connected with your audio and video, security, lighting, communications applications and more. 

Commercial Network Services

With Zap Integration Inc. IT specialists, we will identify the size of network required, level of security needed including intrusion detection mechanisms and firewalls, fault tolerance and more. We will customize your networking needs according to your business.

Contact Zap Integration Inc. for a consultation, and let our friendly staff get started on meeting your business networking requirements.

Networking Services:

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Commercial Building Automation

Zap Integration Inc in Southern California excels at helping businesses throughout the Inland Empire and High Desert areas with superior automation solutions. From repairs, installation,

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