Security Cameras

Zap Integration Inc. offers a variety of security cameras from 1-32+. Security cameras are an essential component in protecting assets. Zap integration Inc. has the capability to link your surveillance cameras to your smartphone which in the event of a forced entry the crucial information is readily available to share with law enforcement. Our surveillance cameras are able to be viewed in real time through a mobile device or monitor screen which provides the business owner, homeowner, or end user the comfortability that if a safety concern arises the footage can aid in the discovery of the intruders and perhaps the regain of losses. We utilize the best equipment for each application. Zap Integration Inc. is proud to specialize in security cameras as we serve California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Security Cameras:

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Commercial Building Automation

Zap Integration Inc in Southern California excels at helping businesses throughout the Inland Empire and High Desert areas with superior automation solutions. From repairs, installation,

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